"We are eternally grateful to the incredible men and women of our United States Armed Forces and their families. The true sacrifices you make to protect and defend our freedoms is awe-inspiring. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation Gala

New York, 2018

Our team recently attended a patriotic and uplifting event in New York hosted by the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. This year, the annual fundraising gala recognized Secretary of Defense James Mattis and honored the phenomenal men and women of our United States Armed Forces, first responders and their families. The evening began with the presentation of the colors and playing of our National Anthem by “The Commandant’s Own” Marine Corps Band. Throughout the event, we had the pleasure of listening to many wonderful speeches, including one by the 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Neller. We even heard from a young military spouse who shared a touching first-hand account of losing her husband, an F16 pilot, who was on a mission near Afghanistan. She eloquently explained the positive and uplifting role MC-LEF played during those first six months following her husband’s sudden passing and the ways she gathered strength to carry on with their young children. Her message was a heartfelt reminder of how much our military heroes and their families willingly sacrifice to protect our freedom.

This year, we invited special guests to join us at the Gala who we met through “Team Rush.” These three amazing couples all served in the military and are longtime Rush fans, having listened since the show’s inception nearly thirty years ago. Above is a group photo from the special evening. All three couples represent hard-working, devoted and patriotic Americans who truly make this country work. It was an honor to spend the evening with them.


The Rush Limbaugh Show and Adventures of Rush Revere Series are proud to sponsor the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. MC-LEF is an outstanding organization committed to supporting the children of fallen heroes by providing scholarships and medical aid. Since its founding in 1995, MC-LEF has awarded over $73 million in assistance to more than 4,000 recipients. For further information, please visit MC-LEF.org.