Nominate an American Hero!

Not long ago, our police and first responders were considered our national heroes, putting themselves in harm’s way to protect us. Today, during a pandemic, social unrest, and rising crime, there are calls to defund and dissolve the police. The entire police force is being villainized, demeaned, and attacked. Small businesses are shuttering across the country in the face of these dual threats. There should be no tolerance for the violence we see on a daily basis. Those who commit crimes should be punished and the innocent protected, period.

Through 2020, 100% of sales profits will be donated to the families of law enforcement. Every week, Rush and Kathryn will personally select deserving families from a list of nominees. A special 5 x 7 magnet honoring the Support Our Heroes Campaign 2020 will be included with every order. (Rush and Kathryn will also be contributing $500,000 from their family foundation in support of this campaign.)

Do you know of a special family of law enforcement that we should consider for a special donation? Please tell us more about their story in 500 words or less using the nomination form below. Photos are kindly encouraged!